QR Code Instructions for use

A. What is QR Code?

QR Code, abbreviated from Quick Response Code, is a type of 2D barcode which is like a link, a web URL that provides easy access to information through a smartphone.

B. How to use QR Codes?

  1. To use QR Codes, you must have a smartphone equipped with a camera (0.3 MP camera or higher levels of camera). Also, internet connection is required for a successful scan.
  2. To be able to read QR Codes, a QR Code reader/scanner application feature is required. Please visit your phone's app store or Quickmark website to download a QR Code reader/scanner app.
  3. To scan the QR Code, please open up the QR Code reader/scanner and it will load through your phone's camera. The camera will snap a picture of the QR Code and then return the data held within the QR Code back to your mobile phone. The information might be a photo, website, video clip, etc.