About Us

Exquisite Service and Unsurpassed Hospitality- Ying Shih Guest House

Ying Shih Guest House is a pristine guest house nestles on the eastern slopes of Snow Mountain, just an hour drive away to Taiping Mountain. Designed as a retreat for holidaymakers who demand for ultimate relaxations and an indulgent escape, the guest house offers cozy yet chic European cabins with simple level of comfort and service, basic décor and a few added amenities. With a wonderful location, guests may enjoy spectacular views from the window of your room, sea of clouds in the morning and stars filling the night sky. Situated among breathtaking sceneries, this Yilan guest house with perfect setting is a great getaway for you to rejuvenate and get away from the busy pace of city life.

The First 360° Revolving Restaurant Generated by Hydraulic Power

Ying Shih Guest House features the first 360° revolving restaurant operated by floating water for one to revel in a 360-degree rotation overlooking Lanyang River valley and Taiping Mountain. Moreover, Ying ShihChinese Restaurant with a 5.6-meter high ceiling and specious layout makes a calm and comfortable environment for dining. Furthermore, the restaurants serve fresh and seasonal delicacies in local Lanyang flavor that serves you an exceptional dining experience for your Taiwan travel.

The Perfect Ultimate Getaway for Groups and Family Vacations

Ying Shih Guest House is a cozy accommodation wonderfully set in the natural terrain overlooking Lanyang Plain, close to Taiping Mountain, Lanyang River and Fanfan Hot Spring, makeing your journey a remarkable one. Besides, the guest house has designed plenty of interesting family activities includes ploughing tractor ride, leather carving workshops, handmade mochi making, karaoke, group games and exciting night tour. This guest house is nicely designed to cater holidaymakers for your Yilan travel. Free Wifi area is opened from 08:00-22:30 for guests to connect to the world conveniently. (laptop is not provided)